Two years on, we keep matching to the destiny


It seems the world needs another film to counter Black Hawk Down, then that way, hopefully, we shall cease to see headlines such as “25 years of chaos in the Horn of Africa; The hopeless state; and the popular one, Somalia, the failed state. We are in 2016 people! Who should we blame for the continued perpetuation of a death bed in reference to Somalia? The media? The politicians or we the people? The question of who will tell the positive African story has been asked over and over.

A lot of progress in terms of peace and development has been made in Somalia and negating these efforts is an insult to the people. The international media coverage towards Somalia must be balanced. Baby steps in development and consolidating gains made over the years does not qualify Somalia to be lebelled as a ‘failed state’. When companies across the continent and beyond are negotiating joing ventures and partnerships or even sealing cooperation or collaboration with their Somali counterparts, the international media is busy finding the smallest possible negativity available.

One of the progress has been publishing The Somalia Investor Magazine for two years now. Eat some cake and celebrate with us. We are thankful for your continued support; two years of dedication, but challenges, it’s not been an easy journey though.  Did you know Times magazine began publishing in 1923 and 1917 for the Forbes magazine? You see how long these magazines have been in circulation?

We have to celebrate the little milestones we make as a country and also as individuals. It is those little milestones combined that forms the ‘New Somalia’. Don’t you agree? News on Somalia need to capture both positive stories and highlight its challenges – this development model of communication is what aided many post conflict economies to regain their rightful position in the global economy.

Oh yes and don’t forget that hotels are indeed booming in Mogadishu. And nope, not idiotic characters, but thousands of Somalis and diaspora are touring the country. From construction boom to agricultural investment; livestock export to sugar import; fisheries industry to service industries, Somalia’s hope is finally within its radar.

Happy reading!