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Posts published in “Agriculture”

Fertilizer Ban in Somalia

Agriculture is the foundation of Somalia’s economy and culture, providing livelihoods for over 70% of the population. The sector faces significant challenges but also harbours…

Unlocking Finance for Smallholder Farmers in Africa’s Food System

A three-day African Regional Exchange was held recently, bringing together farmers, bankers, governments, and development partners from across Africa and beyond to discuss ways to provide smallholder farmers with the finance they need to improve and scale up the sustainable forest and farm management practices. The event, organized by the Forest and Farm Facility, aimed to share experiences and lessons on how to overcome the challenges of getting finance to smallholder producers living in remote areas and experiencing some of the worst effects of climate change.

How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Impacted the Black Sea Grain Deal and What That Means for Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia

Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has had a significant impact on the Black Sea grain deal, which is due to expire on March 18, 2023. The deal was brokered with Russia and Ukraine by the United Nations (UN) and Turkey in July 2022, to combat a global food crisis that was fueled in part by Russia's blockade of Ukraine's Black Sea grain exports.

Inside Riyan Organic

Muna Magan is the founder & CEO of Riyan Organic. She speaks to The Somalia Investor Magazine on entrepreneurship, family, and the struggles of running…

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