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Hassan Sheikh’s Kismayo trip dynamics

Somalia President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, arrives in the port city of Kismayo, the interim capital of Jubbaland State of Somalia and was warmly received at the airport by the state President , Ahmed Mohamed Islaam Madobe.

“It’s a great blessing to be back in #Kismaayo again. I thank the people & administration of Jubaland state of #Somalia for the warm welcome.A united, safe & prosperous nation at peace with itself is what we must strive to build together for the betterment of our people & country”, said President Hassan Sheikh upon arrival.

President Hassan Sheikh is Received by Ahmed Madoobe at Kisimayu Airport

His delegation consists mainly chiefs of security apparatus, his defence ministers, Abdikadir Mohamed Nur.

The objective is this visit is unclear, but has attracted the attention of many political commentators. Based on the composition of the President’s delegation, it is clear that top of his agenda must be security operations against Alshabab. Jubbaland has not shown much efforts to push security operations against Alshabab compared to other states such as Hirshabeelle and Galmudug, where Alshabab has lost considerable ground to government and local forces.

The other big elephant in the room when it comes to Jubbaland State politics is the Gedo region factor which remains unresolved. It is unclear if Gedo issue will be featured during President Hassan’s visit.

Jubbaland State remains one of the most complex federal member state when it comes dealing with Alshabab, since the state borders both Kenya and Ethiopia, whom are believed to be rooting for containment or political settlement with Alshabab.

President Hassan Sheikh’s Jubbaland visit comes at a time when representatives from Somalia and Partners, including Qatar, Türkiye, the UAE, the UK, and the US, are meeting Washington D.C to discuss Somalia’s security, state-building, and humanitarian priorities.

Analysts urge the president to practically implement his election slogan “Somali Heshiis ah, Dunidana Heshiis la ah” and resolve the Gedo factor in Jubbaland State, if the war agains Alshabab in the southern parts of Somalia is to succeed.

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