The Somalia Investor – Issue#1


The world has its attention turned towards Somalia at the moment. This time, unlike in the past,
the focus is positive, optimistic and forward-looking. In simple terms, the world understands
that this is the take-off moment for Somalia. This ‘New Somalia’ has unique needs. A new set
of skills is needed; a new mind-set fed on new information, and a new approach at handling
day-to-day activities.

The Somalia Investor magazine is here to meet the information needs of the business person in
the country, the one abroad, and the curious regular person who wants to know what goes on in the
business community in Somalia.

From Europe to America, from China to India, and from South Africa to Madagascar, economists,
risk managers, industrialists, bankers, general businessmen and regular people cannot stop talking
about ‘the New Somalia’. Whether they are drawing graphs to qualify their assertion in boardrooms
or waving up their hands to drive that point home by the roadside, the passion and the earnestness of the conversation about ‘the New Somalia’ is universal.

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