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President Mohamud Discusses Al-Shabaab Offensive, 2026 Elections, and More in Town Hall Meeting

On Monday, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud participated in a televised question-and-answer session in Mogadishu. He addressed several issues, including debt forgiveness, finalizing the constitution, the 2026 election, frontline forces, and the safety and security of Mogadishu.

During the session, the President defended his request for military support from neighboring countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, and Ethiopia in the fight against Al-Shabaab. He explained that the Somali government and armed forces would lead the operation while neighboring countries’ participation would be limited to 90 days. He also confirmed that the second

While he admitted that the second phase of the offensive against Al-Shabaab had yet to start, he stated that it would soon and reported on the success of the first phase. In that regard, he gave credit to the local clan militias(Mawisley), for their vital role in defeating the insurgents.

Additionally, President Mohamud stressed the importance of Mogadishu’s safety and security, stating that it is a prerequisite for free and fair elections. He announced that the 2026 elections would be based on the one-person, one-vote system and that he would not return to the indirect election system.

Addressing concerns about nepotism, the President argued that the families of Somalia’s leaders have the right to serve in government, saying that his daughter, son, brother, and nephew had not lost their citizenship rights when he became President. This statement came after rumors circulated on social media about his daughter receiving a senior position as a foreign affairs advisor.

Moreover, President Mohamud spoke about the Las Anod conflict, emphasizing his government’s commitment to stability in the Sool region and calling for peace among his “brothers in the North.” He went on to praise the good cooperation between the federal government and regional governments, particularly Puntland.

Finally, the head of state commended the parliament for passing 11 bills submitted by the government that are essential for building public institutions and promoting the country’s development in security, economy, and government administration efficiency.

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