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Somali Security Forces Seize Al-Shabab’s Explosive Shipments at Mogadishu Port

In a significant victory against terrorism, Somali security forces successfully intercepted and seized two military shipments containing explosives that belonged to the notorious al-Shabab militants at the bustling port of Mogadishu.

State Minister of the Ministry of Internal Security, Mohamed Ali, delivered the news at a press conference, shedding light on the operation that led to the arrest of ten suspects, including businessmen who held valid licenses to import goods.

According to Ali, the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) worked tirelessly to track the movement of the terrorist network within and beyond Somalia’s borders. Their investigation revealed a meticulously planned operation involving the procurement, transportation, and importation of military equipment concealed within a container supposedly carrying regular business products. The intercepted shipments contained weapons that would have posed a grave danger to Somalia’s security.

“NISA was following the movement of the terrorist network in and outside the country from buying the products, transporting, importing and up to handing over to al-Shabab militants, they concealed the military equipment into a container carrying business products.”

Minister of Internal Security, Mohamed Ali

The ten suspects, who were authorized importers but abused their privileges to facilitate the illicit trade, now face severe consequences for their actions. Furthermore, the security forces seized four vehicles intended for transporting the smuggled weapons, effectively disrupting the illicit supply chain. Minister Ali condemned their nefarious acts, stating, “Those held into account were among businessmen that the government gave them licenses to bring what our people need, but instead they imported harmful things that can endanger our people.”

This successful operation showcases the unwavering vigilance and effectiveness of the armed forces. By dismantling the networks involved in this illicit trade, NISA has not only thwarted potential terrorist attacks but also curtailed the flow of weapons and resources that could have fueled terrorism in the country.

This remarkable achievement comes on the heels of recent efforts to enhance security in Mogadishu, resulting in a stable capital city with a noticeable decrease in terrorist incidents.

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