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Staying ahead of the pack

The first choice for most top local and international businessmen when it comes to accommodation and conference facilities, Jazeera Palace hotel is in a class of its own in Mogadishu. How do they do it?

Our conference hall package includes a Public Address system, LCD projector, projection screen, stationery for all participants, two bottles of water for each participant, and free WiFi. We also offer teleconferencing as an extra. We get a lot of repeat business and this tells us that we are meeting our guests’ expectations

Peter Ngutu, General Manager.

TSIM Writer

Jazeera Palace hotel is one of the most sought after hotels in Mogadishu. Businessmen and travellers who pop into the country for a week or so of corporate work or tourists who have flown in to enjoy the sandy beaches or NGO workers who have come in for a conference prefer the hotel to the many other options available in the city.

It is also the preferred choice when the local businessmen and women have important engagements in the city. Just recently (in March) it hosted the Somali Annual Business Awards (SABA Awards 2020) that was attended by top corporate industry leaders in the country led by Ahmed Nur Ali Jim’ale (the founder of Barakaat Group of Companies) and other international businessmen. The event was headlined by Prime Minister Hassan Khaire.

Having worked at Jazeera Place for about a year and a half, the hotel’s General Manager Mr. Peter Ngutu explains why he believes that they are the best hotel in the city.

The success of Jazeera Palace comes from the fact that it offers a variety of services at very high standards. The kind of services and standards that both top-level local corporate individuals and international customers are accustomed to and will receive in any top tier hotel in the world be it New York or Kampala.

Conference facilities

He starts by highlighting one of the most sought after product in the city’s hotel industry.

“We have one of the best conference facilities in the city. Jazeera Palace hotel has 5 conference rooms that are adequately kitted to handle any form of corporate engagement, be it training, a conference, or a corporate dinner. Our largest conference hall can accommodate 200 guests, the second-largest accommodates 80 guests and the smaller ones between 30 to 50 guests. We are currently constructing a conference center that will be able to accommodate up to 500 people with several smaller breakout rooms and a complementing restaurant.”

The conference reservation packages depend on the size of the event. Events tend to come in three forms: Morning events where the participants are offered refreshments and bitings as part of the deal; this often ends by midday. Half a day package includes morning refreshments and lunch and often ends at about 3:00 pm. Then there are full-day events (for as many days as the client needs) that include morning refreshments, lunch buffet and afternoon refreshments served at about 3:30 pm.

Jazeera Palace hotel has held graduation parties, corporate dinners and corporate galas, national and international conferences among other corporate engagements.

“Our conference hall package includes Public Address system, LCD projector, projection screen, stationery for all participants, two bottles of water for each participant, and free WiFi. We also offer teleconferencing as an extra. We get a lot of repeat business and this tells us that we are meeting our guests’ expectations,” Mr. Ngutu explains.

He attributes the success of the hotel and the trust that the public have in it to a number of factors;

Secure and accessible facility

The hotel is one of the most secure hospitality industry facilities in Somalia with security officers on rotation day and night working to keep the hotel and the guests safe. The fact that the hotel is located just a few meters from Aden Adde International Airport enhances this security even more.

“We have elaborate and well-designed security protocols that we invoke in case of an attack. The security team here is comprised of a large force of highly trained and thoroughly vetted servicemen,” Mr. Ngutu adds.

 The second factor is accessibility. The hotel is approximately 300m from Aden Adde International Airport. This central location makes it easily accessible to the city dwellers and to corporate travelers.

Excellent service

Jazeera Palace is known for its excellent products and services. The hotel has well-trained professionals handling various aspects of the hotel services to ensure that the customers get quality service. Both foreign and local staff are experts in their fields.  The hotel staff will go above and beyond to ensure that the stay of any guest is as comfortable or any conference is as smooth as it can possibly be.


Offering an unmatched affordable luxury, the hotel has 88 stylishly furnished rooms. The rooms are categorized in Standard and Deluxe rooms, Deluxe, and Presidential Suites.

The hotel has en-suite presidential suites on competitive prices with a meeting room where guests can comfortably have meetings at their convenience.

 Additionally, the standard rooms are all en-suite with the following facilities;

  • Full  air conditioning systems
  • Fast and reliable broadband wireless internet connection
  • 24 Hour Satellite Television
  • Flat screen TV sets
  • Room Telephone
  • Electronic safe deposit boxes
  • Room Service
  • A balcony for the best sea and land view

To save the guests the trouble of airport chaos, Jazeera Palace Hotel provides check-in assistance for its clients at the Airport and free transfers.

Dry-Cleaning and Laundry facility

The hotel operates a world-class professional dry cleaning and laundry service within the hotel premises. The facility serves Jazeera Palace Hotel guests and discerning clients from the Somali business community, international bodies, and non-governmental organizations.

Jazeera Palace at a glance


Food and Beverage offers

Conference Facilities

Dry-cleaning and Laundry plant

Transport and Security services

Health Club

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