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Posts tagged as “AID”

Ethiopia: USAID and WFP suspend food deliveries in Tigray following aid theft

USAID and the World Food Programme (WFP) have suspended food deliveries to Tigray, a region in northern Ethiopia, following the discovery that relief aid had been stolen. The WFP has launched an internal investigation into the theft of food supplies, while USAID has referred the matter to its internal, independent inspector general. The suspension will continue until there is confidence that the aid will reach the intended population, who are facing famine.

Somalia Faces Reduction in Donor Aid Amid Worst Drought In Decades

Somali aid workers are concerned about the decreasing amount of aid offered to the country by donors. As the country faces its worst drought in decades, aid agencies predict a reduction in humanitarian assistance. They claim that donor fatigue, as well as multiple crises around the world requiring humanitarian aid, such as the Turkey earthquake crisis, could lead to a drop in the amount of aid offered to Somalia.

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