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Kenya Reopens Border with Somalia, Ending 12-Year Barricade

In a significant development for Somalia and Kenya, the long-awaited reopening of the border between the two nations has been officially announced. The decision, which comes after extensive consultations between high-level officials, signifies a major milestone in regional cooperation. The reopening of border points in Mandera, Lamu, and Garissa marks the end of a 12-year closure that began during Kenya's Operation Linda Nchi, aimed at combatting the influx of Al-Shabaab militants.

Central Bank of Kenya Launches Standardized QR Code for Digital Payments

On Wednesday, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) announced the release of the Kenya Quick Response (QR) Code Standard 2023, which is a set of guidelines for Payment Service Providers, banks, and other regulated institutions on issuing QR codes for digital payments. The launch was done in collaboration with Safaricom, Equity Bank, ABSA, KCB, Co-operative Bank, Visa, Mastercard, PesaPal, and FSD Kenya.

Somalia: Government Evacuates Somalis Stranded in Sudan as Conflict Escalates

In response to the conflict between the Sudanese army and paramilitary forces, Somalia has begun evacuating its citizens who are stranded in Sudan. On Wednesday, eighteen Somalis were successfully evacuated from Buluja, a town near Sudan's border with South Sudan, and arrived at Mogadishu's Aden Adde Airport. Abdirahman Nur Dinari, the acting permanent secretary of Somalia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed his gratitude to the Somali embassies in Sudan, South Sudan, and Ethiopia for their efforts in evacuating citizens.

73 dead bodies found in Kenyan Christian cult mass graves

Kenyan police have made a gruesome discovery in a forest in eastern Kenya, where they have recovered 73 bodies from mass graves thought to be followers of a Christian cult. The group reportedly believed that they would ascend to heaven if they starved themselves to death. The death toll has been rising as exhumations continue. Presently, the Kenyan Red Cross has set up a tracing and counseling desk for 112 missing persons.

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