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US Says Al-Shabab Leader Injured in Airstrike in Somalia

In the latest development concerning the fight against al-Shabab, the United States carried out an airstrike targeting the notorious militant group. The intended target was revealed to be none other than Moallim Osman, the head of al-Shabab's external operations. While reports suggest that he survived the attack, this event has significant implications for Somalia's ongoing struggle against terrorism.

US House rejects Rep. Gaetz’s resolution to withdraw troops from Somalia

On Thursday, the US House of Representatives rejected a resolution introduced by Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida. The resolution would have required President Biden to remove most US troops from Somalia, arguing that about 900 US troops are in Somalia on a permanent, undefined mission that will never be enough to bring peace to the country.

Sudanese Faction Announces 72-Hour Ceasefire After Deadly Clashes

After almost a week of intense fighting that has left more than 330 people dead and tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the country, one of Sudan's two warring factions has declared a 72-hour truce. The announcement was made by the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), but there has been no confirmation of a ceasefire from its rival Sudan Armed Forces (SAF).

US diplomatic convoy under fire in Sudan amid deadly fighting

A US diplomatic convoy was fired upon in Sudan on Monday, as deadly fighting between the army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) continues. According to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the attack was "reckless, irresponsible, and unsafe". This incident occurred as the conflict in Sudan has led to around 185 deaths and 1,800 injuries in the past three days, with hospitals and clinics also being shelled.

Paul Rusesabagina: “Hotel Rwanda” Hero Released from Rwandan Prison Following Intense U.S. Diplomacy

Paul Rusesabagina, who became famous for his role in saving over 1,000 refugees during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda in the movie "Hotel Rwanda," has been released from prison in Rwanda after serving a year of a 25-year sentence. U.S. officials were instrumental in securing his release.

US Demands TikTok’s Chinese Owners Divest Stakes or Face Possible U.S. Ban

The popular video app TikTok, owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance, has been under scrutiny from U.S. officials and legislators due to concerns that the app's user data could be shared with the Chinese government. In a dramatic move, the Biden administration has demanded that ByteDance divest its stakes in the app or risk a U.S. ban.

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