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8 years of successful metal fabrication

Hadiid Industries Group is keen about quality, aesthetics, and customer satisfaction. For them, metal fabrication is about both metals and top notch service delivery

Hadiid Industries Group is perhaps the leading metal fabricator in Somalia. Since its 2009 launch in Hargesia and from 2013 when it launched in Mogadishu, this company has been the major producer and supplier of high quality precision sheet metal fabrication, as well as dabbling in welding and specialty custom rolling. The General Manager and Founder, Abdihakim Mohamed Ismeal is certain that his company is the leading in the country. He has good reason to think so.

At Hadiid Industries Group production bases in Kilometre 4 and the other one in Benadir, and at their show room in Bakaaro, business appears brisk as customers and clients walk in and out of the showroom in search of the products they need.

The workshop compounds and show rooms are jammed full of meticulously arranged, beautiful finished and ready for use doors, windows, security fences, different types of metal furniture and products for industrial use like electric poles, storage and oil transportation tankers and warehouse beam steel fabrications. Business is very good and the steady flow of both corporate and individual clients can attest to that.

One of Hadiid Industries Group sales representatives, Abdi Fatah Ousman says that the company is known for its accuracy in crafting products for clients, service delivery and consistency in their line of products. And while the clients can only see the finished gates or bent beams at the operations bases, a lot goes on; plate bending, pipe bending, plate rolling, shearing custom metal fabrication and structural shape rolling.

According to the GM-Ismael, the company is the best because of three reasons; one, they have invested in technology and professional workers.

And on top of the skilled workers, they have the best and most sophisticated equipment in the market. The company has invested in cutting edge technology for its bending machines and art work machines. This way, the company produces trusted goods that meet the needs of their clients.

“We have 98 employees, and only two or so of them are external hires. The rest, we hire them, train them in whichever specialty that they are interested in and give them the chance to prove themselves and grow. They are craftsmen and experts at their work,”

General Manager and Founder, Hadiid Industries Group, Abdihakim Mohamed Ismeal

Their client list is an impressive one too: 600-700 pieces of electric poles per month to BECO Power Company, 20-50 gates monthly to EAMECO and BURUUJ, University lecture hall chairs for National University, five 40,000 litre tanks to Hormuud Telecom, Safari Apartments, Darul Salaam- 600 inside doors, and Diamond estate. The products vary per client; there are new models of doors like remote controlled doors and gates for some clients, bullet proof doors for some, or decorative sheets on gates and doors for others.

The pricing is well within range. For the normal 3 metre gates, the clients pay any amount from $300-$900. For an electric gate- $950-$1,800, doors prices also vary from $60-$220, depending on the type of door that the client needs.

The second reason why they are the best in the market is that unlike other fabricators and welders who offer boring and banal metal furniture or gate or door designs, Hadiid Group has invested in aesthetics and with each product, be it a window or door or gate, they focus on the art work. So much does the company value this aspect of fabrication that their artwork machines, sheets for fabrication and design styles and trends have been imported/ borrowed from Turkey, India and Dubai. Theirs is a combination of quality and beauty.

And finally, according to the Ismael, Hadiid Group is better organized and better structured than any other metal fabrication company in the country. 

He explains that Hadiid Group is not a casual operation, “We have corporatized metal fabrication. We are not running an informal business here. Ours is a fully run professional outfit with all the designations; GM, operations manager, finance manager, HR manager, and Sales and Marketing teams. This is the group and structure that our clients meet when they walk into our shop.”

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