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Flying nomad, the secret behind ocean airlines success

Under the leadership of a steady fast CEO, Ocean Airlines conquers Somali skies, wins hearts with its services and flight experience.

Ayan Abdi Diiriye

During the Somali Annual Business Awards (SABA) of 2018 early this year, one of the highlights of the evening was when the CEO of Ocean Airlines, Abdikani Mohamud Ali, was awarded ‘CEO of the Year’ award. The youthful Mr. Ali is credited for turning around the Somalia airline operations is Somalia, a fete  that has left his competitors turning blue with envy.

The award reinforced Ocean Airlines’ position as a is a leading player in the aviation industry in Somalia, creating a unique flying experience that comprises security and comfort, safety and a wow!-fantastic air experience. The trick seems to be working since Ocean Airlines is currently one of the most trusted airlines plying Somali airspace.

Mr. Abdikani Ali is known for his ingenious focus, fearless spirit, dedication and a work ethics that is second to none. He must have wired his company and his team with the same will and attributes because a part from dominating Somali skies in the last 2 years, Ocean Airlines is a favourite of both local and international travellers.

Natalia Zahra, a passanger who has been a customer in the airline confesses  that she would, without a second thought, recommend Ocean Airlines to anyone visiting Mogadishu.

“Flying with Ocean Airlines has been definately the best experience I have had. From booking my tickets to checking in and the flight experience, the staff members were very attentive and very understanding. I would highly recommend Ocean Airlines to anyone,” she wrote on the airline’s social media handle after rating it on a five out of the possible five. Natalie is not the only customer raving about Ocean Airlines.

Mohamud Hersi, also a frequent flier says that the good service that Ocean Airlines offer on domestic flights is hard to beat and he loves the way Ocean Airlines has revolutionized Air travel, simplifying it with latest technology in the industry.

He writes; “Great airline. Keep up the good service that you provide in domestic flights as well as on your international connections.”

In the last two years, Ocean Airlines has jostled and fought for its space among a bunch of airline companies that offer air transport in Somalia. Through the uncertain times in the early start-ups, Ocean Airlines kept offering its services to the people of Somalia republic and beyond borders despite the hard times, working in an area where every flight, every take off and every landing carried some degree of risk with it. They kept the faith, serving their customers reliably, safely and comfortably.

Ocean Airlines offer passenger and cargo services domestically (within the various cities of Somalia) and international travel to various capitals of the world. The company is known for its heavy reliance on the latest technology in aviation industry, use of a competent, skilled and dependable human resources as its staff and an experienced and sharp top management team. Because of this, the company has become synonymous with efficiency, high level un-matched customer service and internal minimization of operational costs without interfering with the quality of service.

For a company whose mission is to offer reliable and safe air transport through excellent performance and innovation among other core values, it is undeniable that Ocean Airlines is delivering its promise to its customers.

To improve its services, the company recently introduced cashless flying, where individuals seeking commercial passenger services or private charter services or helicopter services or commercial cargo services can simply visit the company website, book a flight or charter a plane and then pay using their Master Card or Visa Card or American Express card. This service has been warmly embraced by most customers.

When the aviation authority allowed after dark flights in Mogadishu (Aden Abdulle International Airport), Ocean Airlines was there to take advantage of the night flights with its maiden flight 10th of February 2018.

Buttressed by  top notch ground team to handle cargo, luggage, mail, to refuel and clean the planes and usher in the next group of travellers and crew, Ocean Airlines has a perfect turnaround time that is just a few  seconds wait ; with the best ever witnessed on-time performance!

Surely the hope of redeemed Somali airspace has been awakened by Ocean Airlines! Viva-bravo CEO of the Year; Mr Abdikani Mohamud Ali and Long Live Ocean Airlines.

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