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Foods that Level Blood Pressure


Food is meant to help the body, nourish it, and make a person appear healthy and happy.

However, there are some foods that can cause harm than good For example, there are foods that can either increase or decrease blood pressure beyond reasonable levels. Similarly, there are foods that can increase weight, leading to blood pressure problems. Blood pressure is one of the top lifestyle conditions, identified sometimes as a silent killer. There are different ways of maintaining good blood pressure.

 However, one of the easiest is through nutrition. To control high blood pressure, one needs to eat foods that are very low in fat content. They should also avoid much salt. Foods that fall under this specification include lean meat, skinless chicken, fruits, vegetables, plain rice, low salt foods and also skimmed milk or camel milk. Foods that have to be avoided when trying to control high blood pressure include butter, fatty meat, whole milk and highly salted foods. Deep fried foods, as found in the fast foods, also fall in this category.

To control low blood pressure, the individual in question has to drink a lot of fluids. These should be fluids that have electrolytes, preferably sport drinks. Additionally, caffeine can be used to raise blood pressure temporarily. Salty meals will also help raise blood pressure. Still, be careful not to take too much salt. Nutrition can also be used to avoid getting blood pressure related conditions. White beans are good for this. They can be used as side dishes, but one should ensure that they are prepared with very little salt, if any.

Tilapia can help you create a good balance in your body as it has very little environmental toxins. Kiwi fruit, peaches and bananas all help to control blood pressure. Many people are of the opinion that food cooked without salt is less tasty. However, other healthy types of seasoning can be used as replacements for salt. The most common and most healthy is black pepper. It is common, as it is easy to find in the supermarkets and also in food markets. So, put that salt aside, and start taking advantage of black pepper. You will be surprised when you do not taste the difference.

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