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Working out as a way of surviving the end-of-year break

It is that time of the year again. The period when most office workers have their break. That time when rules are broken and anything goes. That time when one bite is a plateful and one drink is a dozen glasses.

It is that time when invitations come morning, noon and night and you are in that good mood to never say no. It is that time when gift boxes tied with red ribbons conceal thick creamy chocolates that you swore never to take. And when they land on your hands, you lose the battle to keep your word before you finish unwrapping your box. It is that time again; when you are on leave and you stay in bed until noon. And so you travel, buy and receive gifts, drink, eat, party and sleep; all these while your workout shoes lie idle because it is that period again. That period when you are allowed to over-indulge. Now that it is agreed that you will indulge, how about we look at ways of being safe come the end of the break. How about you get armed with the needed information on how to party, how to keep your weight in check and how to not neglect exercise. Shall we?

Keep the exercise regimen. Few people genuinely love working out. Most of the gym goers or samba dancers or cold morning estate joggers do it out of need. They have to. The doctor ordered them; the body is compelling them or they want to get into some nice red dress or worse, they don’t like whom they’ve been seeing in the mirror lately. Whatever your reasons for exercising, this is the one aspect of your life that will be neglected or interrupted when the festive mood sets in. The reasons for this are simple; you are on a lull.

You stay out late and wake up late, you are busy attending parties or hosting visitors are home, you are traveling constantly and your mornings tend to be in swanky hotels or outdoor tourist park tents. Or for some, many actually, you are just tired of the whole daily sweating. Here is why you should keep your daily training and exercise schedule…

The importance of working out. Over a period of time, doctors were baffled by what they observed as high cases of heart attacks and cardiac related complications in the months of January and February. They reasoned that stress related to long breaks, lack of exercise and overindulgence during such periods were the reasons for increased cases of heart related complications. You got to keep your samba dance tempo throughout the festive period and get out jogging in rain or morning sunshine.

Whatever you do, keep your gym hours. By the end of it all, you will have your weight in check, your body strength where you want it — ready for a fresh start and more importantly, you will be a lot happier and less stressed.

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