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Hindrance to the recovery of air connectivity

Aden Adde International Airport, formerly known as Mogadishu International Airport is one of the most expensive airports in the region for airline operations, as double taxes and levies remain highly beyond reach for many airlines.

For instance, airlines with Fokker 50 planes pay $1,200 per flight compared to less than $400 in Kenya. On top of these charges by the airport management company & Somali government, airlines still pay for The International Air Transport Association (IATA) charges and fees.

The high charges of taxes, levies, and other fees in Aden Adde International Airport are discouraging many airlines to consider expanding their networks to the Mogadishu route while operating players consider downsizing their flight frequency, due to high operational costs.

The inevitable solution is for the Somali government to re-negotiate the contract of the airport management company (Favori LLC) in view of addressing the charge concerns in order to attract new airlines to Somalia and ensure affordable operations for the existing ones.

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