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How property developers can get the best deals for their projects

Construction in Mogadishu can be cheaper, more efficient and faster if you know how to handle certain aspects of the business of property development. After a chat with a few industry experts, here are the hacks that go a long way in Mogadishu

Buy in bulk to beat high prices

The sense behind this is obvious. Bulk purchases command higher discounts and therefore tend to be cheaper to acquire compared to small scale purchases. And that is not just in the area of stock prices; it also works on transportation where instead of paying more to transport less, the trader can actually pay the right amount, to transport more.

Work concurrent projects

If you can, run more than two projects at ago. Why? Half the time, the projects tend to complement each other, and if you have the man power, what’s the harm in getting more done, in a shorter time?

Get dirty, make your own purchases

When you purchase your materials on your own, instead of relying on suppliers or project contractors or third parties, you stand to gain by avoiding unnecessary costs.You get the opportunity of striking deals directly with manufacturers or suppliers and can directly negotiate.

Doing your own purchases also allows you to account for money spent to the last shilling.

And while we are still on making your own purchases, if you know your construction materials properly, you can go with the best varieties of the products or even mix the high quality/ expensive ones with the average products but of lower prices and still get to know how to execute your project without compromising the integrity of your property. This is actually a trick that many property developers use in their efforts to cut costs.

Train the people you work with

Eng. Awes Abdillahi of SOMCO Engineeringsays that the easiest way to make your work run faster and run smoothly is to train the people that work under you properly. A good team can deliver quality products whether they are working under pressure or not. He prefers to train his teams for a few months even as they get on with projects. That way, he reasons, everyone in the team is an expert at something. It not only makes them more effective, it increases productivity and if they leave his team, he is sure that they will not compromise the sector with sub-standard work.

Offer accommodation to the external hires

In Mogadishu, the cost of renting a place for a few months is the biggest worry for most of the low skilled labourers in the construction industry. It doesn’t help that most of these people have been drawn from the neighbouring East African nations like Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya while others are from Turkey or Dubai. For them, finding a cheap but secure place to live in while they tend to their work is a big challenge.

Offering them a place, maybe through a deal with a property owner, is the best way to put the worry to rest. The terms can be arranged and they don’t have to pay as much as they would in an otherwise case. Plus, housing the workers saves time and offers the convenience of knowing that they will be at work on time and in the right frame of mind. A place to live goes a long way in boosting the worker’s morale.

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