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Jazeera estate, a middle-class paradise

The hustles and bustles of the city can be frustrating, Jazeera Estate brings s taste of class, security, affordability and comfortable living. The estate is a perfect dwelling place for mid-level executives, lawyers, CEOs and anyone tired of the city’s hub-bub

The steady economic growth and improved security has catalysed the growth of a sizable middle class in Mogadishu. From the fair priced restaurants and coffee shops, the shopping malls and a life style that revolves around imported suits, latest edition of iPhones, top of the range vehicles and cultural festivals are all an indication of a growing affluent population seeking comfort.

The growth of the middle class, most who returned to the country from the diaspora has created a new demand for a decent housing that fits global modern architectural standards. Jazeera estate has emerged to be a key provider of the housing solutions that fits the new taste.

Over the years the housing estate has attracted a population of doctors, politicians, businessmen, lawyers, and business executives, as it provides the exclusivity and serenity that is ideal for raising families. The pricing is moderate, as it provides the financial affordability while offering excellent services.

When the ground breaking was done a few years back, there was a mixture of optimism and pessimism. Some thought that that it was a pipe dream that would eventually go down crumbling. But to the local investors, prospective home owners and the project managers it was the breath of fresh air in the real estate industry that would provide the ideal gated community.

Located 3 kilometres to the South of Aden Abdulle International airport along Mogadishu-Jazeera road in Mogadishu, the project goal was to set up a unique, accessible and affordable housing, the first of its kind in the city’s vicinity.

The developers envisioned a mixed use property, combining a shopping mall, commercial spaces for business and office premises, restaurants and hotels, entertainment spots, a mosque for worshipers, public area-park, residential housing, hospital center, a multi-purpose unit, learning institution, fire and police stations and a gas station. It was viewed as a one stop residence where all services would be accessible.

The security that comes with a gated community, stable supply of clean water, internet connectivity are some of the features that the residents of the 1200 housing units enjoy. Proximity to the city and well maintained estate roads are also some of the salient benefits.

“Ownership and leasing or renting of any of the properties in the project is open to everyone. Whether you want to invest by owning a piece of the property or you simply want to rent office space for your business, all you have to do is reach out and register with us.”

This was back in 2013 at the ground breaking ceremony of the project in 2013, and speaking was Mohamed Abdi Martello, then working for Real Estate limited, the company handling the project.

The appeal of such real estate projects as Jazeera Estate lies in their exclusivity.  The fact that it is gated, the fact that it is not low cost-hence affordable only to a select few, the fact that it is a self-contained estate-giving its inhabitants a sense of being different from the rest of the population…these are the things that make such projects sell. The exclusivity is part of the charm. Middle class members class members in any society often like to have their own corner, some place that they can comfortably claim as theirs. Jazeera Estate is that place for Mogadishu middle-class.

One of the criticisms about the project has been that the developers in Somalia should concentrate on producing low cost affordable housing. A criticism that doesn’t hold since this Jazeera Estate is a targeted project; it is specific to the diaspora returnees, foreigners living in Mogadishu and middle class Somalis. Based on the continuously rising numbers of the middle class in Somalia, it can be said that the project has an assured current and future market.

Since the establishment of Jazeera Estate, other such properties have come up in Kilometre 4, parts of Hodan, Soobe and Waberi among other places.

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