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Qatar Airways is here

One of the world’s most celebrated international carriers entered Somali airspace at the start of July…

The first Monday of July was a special day for Qatar Airways as its first flight from Doha to Mogadishu arrived in Somalia, touching down at Aden Abdulle International Airport to a warm reception.

Qatar Airways, one of the world’s leading international airlines, has joined a list of other renowned carriers into Somalia’s airspace and market. By joining the growing list of top class international airlines operating flights in Somalia, Qatar Airlines has added a new element of competition to an already list of tough and impressive competitors.

The arrival of Qatar Airways is a major boost.

“I am truly honoured to be here today to inaugurate our new road. We have responded to the growing demand from customers for services to Somalia and from today we will fly three times a week between Mogadishu and Doha.”

Vice President of Middle East, Africa and Pakistan of Qatar Airways, Ehab Amin .


Turkish Airlines (for several years now), Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways (since late 2018) have all dipped their feet in the Somali market, targeting the large number of travellers who fly from the diaspora and other international destinations to Somalia.

The arrival of Qatar Airlines, a carrier that most likely offers better services than both Kenya and Ethiopian Airways will mean that for now the market dynamics will drastically shift in favour of Qatar Airways, to the detriment of Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines. The Turkish Airlines, because of its international appeal

and because of the quality of its service, will definitely be the one to watch for Qatar Airways. This is the only real threat to Qatar Airways as it joins Somali airspace.

In all this, the traveller will be the ultimate beneficiary. The competition between these international giants will most likely lead to better flight experience (customer experience) and of course, reduced ticket costs as the carriers try to woo fliers.

Qatar Airlines already operates 127 flights a week to 22 destinations in five African countries. The company’s move into Somalia is a vote of confidence to the continent

and show of faith in the business opportunities in Somalia.

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