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Safari village to change face luxury living in Mogadishu

Safari Village homes are built for those with a taste for finer things in life, these housing units are here to revolutionise the face of modern luxury living in Somalia

Located nine kilometres outside Mogadishu city, Safari Village homes are a perfect example of what future high end housing and luxury living will look like in Somalia in the very near future. This is an ambitious and well thought out housing project that has been perfectly executed. Comprised of 64 units, the property that comes as a double package of the land and finished and ready to occupy houses is a culmination of work that begun in December 2016.

In a few years, Safari Village homes will be confirmed as the upper class neighbourhood of Mogadishu, a position it has already claimed. The housing unit runs independent of the everyday quibbles that most of home owners in Mogadishu worry about; the village has its own security, its own water supply, it is located in an exclusive area with proper access points and more importantly, the entire neighbourhood runs on power/ electricity from a private (therefore more accountable and reliable) power company, with plans to install its own private power source.

Constructed by Mogadishu Stars-one of the leading property development companies in Mogadishu, with funding from International Bank of Somalia (IBS), the construction of each unit took anywhere between 6-8 months under the watchful and skilful eyes of international standard engineers, surveyors, project managers and local construction people.

The features of the village are as impressive as the houses themselves: a gated community, bank financing of 50% with the other half paid by the client in one and a half years, a variety of choices that home owners can choose from, ranging from 3 bedroom houses, 4 bedroom houses and fantastic 7 bedroomed penthouses.

Inside, the wooden doors are thick, the roof is high and made from a new material that is a mixture of sand and aluminium, houses have two balconies, an attic, tiled floors, humongously large kitchens that are fitted with 8 ground cabinets, two stainless steel sinks and 5 overhead kitchen cabinets. The ceilings are beautifully done and painted white.

The walls (both in the other rooms and in the sitting room) are warmly painted and the lighting, both the cupped wall lighting and the chandeliers are exquisite. The washrooms measure 2 by 3 meter. It (the washroom) is made of steel, glass and porcelain; mirrors on the washroom wall, the sliding translucent glass windows, steel water faucets and steel shower heads and taps, steel towel holders, a porcelain sink and a toilet. And of course, a Jacuzzi in the penthouses. It should be known that for all the homes, each master bedroom comes with its own private washroom and every other room in the house has one too.

Going for $110,000 (house plus land) for the four bedroom homes and $160,000 for the pent houses, this housing project has already attracted several home owners, most of them being local Somali families. Located in Kilometre 9, this is the place to own a home if you are among the upper class or upper middle class Mogadishu family; everything here is designed and provided for fine living.

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