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Business over Turkish coffee

By Zafer Parlar

This is a fact that any business person will do well to remember.

Turkey has its own approach to business that is unique, even when playing by international standards. Call it a Turkish business culture. Principles and factors that direct and dictate the manner in which business is handled in Turkey and how Turkish business people respond to various circumstances.

Zafer Parlar looks at culture as an irreplaceable pillar of the Turkish business climate, and how Turkey, as a melting point of Eastern and Western cultures, embraces these culture in a way that builds on the fundamentals of business there. Knowing the people and their culture is one of the issues that any CEO who moves into a new market has to deal with.

Knowing the concerns and the idiosyncrasies of a people helps the business leader to understand the market better. Better yet, knowing the cultural leanings of different people in one common environment is equally fulfilling. Written chapter by chapter on the various cultural aspects that could be of interest to business leaders, this 2012 book packs 116 pages of Turkish business wisdom, woven neatly into the Turkish psyche.

It gives an account of the liberalisation of the Turkish economy since 1984, and how Turkey has morphed, defined by its interactions with more established economies over time. It explains the science (cultural and commercial) of how these interactions have shaped the business principles that informs the actions and behaviour of Turkey in the global business scene.

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