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Introduction to Turkish Business Law

By Tugrul Ansay and Eric Schneider

Now that Turkish firms are setting up shop in Somalia and the Somali business community are increasingly engaging more and more with the Turks, it makes sense to have a clear understanding of the laws governing business that are unique to each set of groups. Introduction to Turkish Business Law does just that, from the Turkish side.

The 248-page book, written by Tugrul Ansay and Eric Schneider, looks at all the legal aspects of doing business with Turkish businesses in and out of Turkey, but mostly in Turkey. To Somali businesses looking to move into the Turkish market, this is the perfect book when it comes to understanding Turkish approach to secured transactions, consumer protection, negotiable instruments, personal property, unfair trade practices, foreign investment guidelines, privatisation and such salient matters.

Published in 2002, this book attempts to capture the Turkish economic expansion and economic interaction with the rest of Europe and the larger world. It looks at the legal processes related to business in Turkey, and how such processes can affect an investor and the investment. Specifically, matters of intellectual property law, banking law and commercial arbitration law are looked at in detail.

Also reviewed, and which would be of interest to foreign investors, is the involvement of the state (both direct and indirect involvement) in and with business.

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