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UN Launches Sustainable Development Projects in Somalia and Beyond with Japan’s Support

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has launched five new projects in Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, the State of Palestine, and Ukraine, with the support of US$3 million in funding from Japan’s supplementary budget. The projects aim to provide urgent support for inclusive and sustainable industrial development in these partner countries.

At a kick-off event held at the Vienna International Centre, UNIDO’s Director-General, Gerd Müller, and Ambassador Takeshi Hikihara, Permanent Representative of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna, along with representatives from partner countries, reaffirmed their commitment to tripartite cooperation to generate maximum impact for communities most in need.

In his speech, Ambassador Hikihara applauded UNIDO’s significant achievements in partner countries, expressing his gratitude to project managers, officers, and consultants for their dedication, expertise, and resourcefulness. He stated, “We appreciate UNIDO’s ability to facilitate a dynamic process of technology and knowledge transfer between the partner countries, us as a donor, and our respective private sectors. I have complete faith in the successful implementation of these projects.”

UNIDO’s Director General emphasized the interconnected challenges faced by the global community, including conflicts, climate change, inflation, and rising inequality, exacerbated by the ongoing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. He highlighted the disproportionate impact of these crises on the most vulnerable populations and stressed the need for international solidarity and concerted efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. He expressed sincere gratitude to Japan for its enduring partnership and unwavering commitment to supporting partner countries through UNIDO’s expertise.

Each project focuses on a specific area of need in its respective country:

  1. Iraq: UNIDO will leverage its expertise in food processing industries to address the lack of livelihoods, employment, and food insecurity in two governorates.
  2. Somalia: A project aims to tackle the scarcity of clean drinking water by installing a solar-powered reverse osmosis water desalination and purification plant. This initiative will provide potable water for households and support productive uses.
  3. South Sudan: The project aims to enhance the living conditions of internally-displaced persons and their host communities by supporting their livelihoods. It will prioritize addressing food security through quick-impact training in entrepreneurship development, food item processing, and food safety.
  4. State of Palestine: A project seeks to promote resilient and sustainable economic infrastructure by boosting competitiveness and linkages between sectors and the market through the Palestinian Business Prosperity Center (PalPro). The initiative will foster innovation, contributing to inclusive, decarbonized, and sustainable industrialization.
  5. Ukraine: This project introduces innovative technologies with a people-centered approach to address the challenges faced by people with disabilities, particularly amputees. The primary goal is to facilitate the economic reintegration of affected individuals.

With the launch of these new projects, UNIDO and Japan reaffirm their commitment to supporting partner countries in their path to inclusive and sustainable industrial development, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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