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Posts published in “Humanitarian”

Somalia: Devastating Flash Floods Leave Children at Risk in Humanitarian Crisis

Somalia is reeling from the devastating impact of flash floods caused by heavy rainfall. These catastrophic floods have not only claimed the lives of 22 people but have also left the most vulnerable section of the population—the children—at increased risk of malnutrition and disease outbreaks. Save the Children, a prominent global charity has sounded the alarm on the dire situation unfolding in the country.

IRC Warns of Impending Global Food Crisis: Urges Extension of Black Sea Grain Deal

In a time of record food insecurity affecting 349 million people across 79 countries, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) has issued a warning about the impending expiration of the Black Sea grain deal, emphasizing the potential for further instability in the food market. With Ukrainian and Russian grain accounting for up to 90% of imports in East African countries grappling with a food security crisis, extending the Black Sea Grain Initiative becomes imperative.

Ethiopia: USAID and WFP suspend food deliveries in Tigray following aid theft

USAID and the World Food Programme (WFP) have suspended food deliveries to Tigray, a region in northern Ethiopia, following the discovery that relief aid had been stolen. The WFP has launched an internal investigation into the theft of food supplies, while USAID has referred the matter to its internal, independent inspector general. The suspension will continue until there is confidence that the aid will reach the intended population, who are facing famine.

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